first love_____` [[dreamxstarx]]

. wwelcuumm tto myy bbl0gg .
. tto kkn0ww mm0re abb0utt mme .
. cliickk onn tthe bbuttonx beloww .
. sppammerrs shhooz shhooz .
. ennj0yy uur stayy .

in an ordinary place
at an unexpected moment
our eyes met

i know that the person
i am finding all this while
is YOU

it's fate which brought us together
it's fate which made us a pair
it's fate which we believed

3hundred 6ty 5 days
8thousand 7hundred 6ty hours
5hundred 25thousand 6hundred minutes
315hundred 36thousand seconds

every day ; every hour
every minute ; every second
i am loving you


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